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About The Gingerist


The Gingerist is the artistic nom de plume of Jason Enright. Jason is a web and graphic designer, and also an illustrator/ screen printer, from Notting Hill, west London. Here you can read more about him.


Jason has had an interest in illustrating from a an early age. In fact, his lame to fame is that, in 1984 and 1986, he was awarded Cadbury’s National Children’s Awards. As you can clearly see, the stuff that the great Renaissance maestros were made of. His other lame to fame from that period was having the dubious honour of sitting on Jimmy Savile’s bean bag, but the less said about this, the better.

The artistic side was put on a slow burner while Jason pursued his other passion; language learning. This led him to sunny España, where he worked as an English teacher and translation for several years. After this, he trained to become a web and graphic designer. This renewed vein of creativity reignited his interest in illustration. However, he would not take this more seriously until he returned to Blighty several years later.

Since returning to the UK, he has undertaken illustration courses at the Putney Clinic of Art and Design. It was here that he discovered the joys of screen printing. However, he has had to take a break (quite literally) from this after an unfortunate gin-fuelled faux pas.

Style and influences

Jason uses a variety of media in his creation. From Promarkers, acrylics, watercolours to even good old-fashioned colouring pencils. Whatever the medium, the thing that probably stands out most is his use of bold and vibrant colours.

His style can vary greatly; depending on his frame of mind and the subject at hand. It can range from detailed architecturally inspired, to off the wall psychedelia. Taking a peek through his portfolio, it may appear that he is obsessed by subjects as diverse as the Hindu god Ganesha, French bulldogs, Portuguese black roosters (absolutely nothing to do wth Nando’s), Swedish Dala horses and – slightly more unnervingly – bearded ladies.

Jason draws inspiraton (no pun intended) from many sources. In particular, he is attracted to the mystique of Indian art, the vivid colours of the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Latin America; as well the symmetry of Swedish Kurbits design. He is also a fan of comic book art, especially the adventures of Tintin and Asterix.